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[datacenter] Data Center "How-To" Outline... Now open source...

Almost a year ago I posted a draft outline for document entitled "The
Design and Organization of Datacenters".  I got some good feedback about
it and later, some interest in obtaining copies.

I have decided to publish this outline under an open source license, the
GNU Free Documentation License.  In short, feel free to copy, give away,
sell, and change the content of this doucument, but all changes must be
available under the same license, with the same rights.

I've done this for several reasons:

I realized I didn't have the time or enough experience on my own to make
this document as good as I wanted.

Several people had asked for copies of it.

I wanted to see the document used, as well as generate some attention in
the hopes that it would generate some work for me.

The document can be found at:


Please read it, use it, pass it around, and even better, contribute
improvements!  I'd also be open to moving it to some kind of web-editable
platform, such as a wiki.


Jeff Albro                            [email protected]
Customer Interaction Consulting        www.interaction-engineer.com
Boston MA					     (617) 835-4153

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