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DATACENTER: OT: SAN and EMC lists announcement

This message is cross-posted to those lists I think may find this
useful.  Please pass the info along to anyone you feel would benefit
from the discussions.

I have had trouble finding any good resources for the discussion of EMC 
or SAN related issues.  I've also been less than pleased with the
support for some of these products.  I'm hoping these lists will fill 
that space.


o protocols
o hardware
o software
o design/architecture
o trouble-shooting
o advice
o tips
o incompatabilities
o highly technical issues
o general discussion

EMC list:

SAN list:

It is my hopes that vendors will join as well as users.  

NOTE: the archives do _not_ work right now.  The posts are being
archived, but the web interface is broken for now.

Happy hacking,