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DATACENTER: Real data center data

Collecting scientific data about computer room environments is
always difficult.  Vendors, owners and architects have different
goals.  So the spec sheets don't always tell the true story.

I would like to collect some actual data the environment in the
typical commercial colocation data center.  

So I would like to find several people willing to put a environment
logger with their equipment.  I would collect the data and use it
in aggregate to identify what temperature and humidity range is
realistic for hardware.  I would only use the data in aggregate, not
to identify any particular data center.  All participants would
receive a copy of my final report.

I have portable data loggers I can loan a few people.  At the end of
three months, send me the logger back, and I can download the data.
Since I paid for the data loggers myself, I really want them back, so
forgive me if I'm a bit picky about to whom I loan them.

If you prefer to get your own logger, I can use the data files created
by the Onset Computer HOBO H8 RH/Temp Logger.  You can download the
data from the logger yourself, and e-mail the data to me.

See http://www.onsetcomputer.com/ for ordering and pricing.

Contact me, and I will tell you the settings, so the data will match.