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RE: DATACENTER: AC and colo sizing question.

On Wed, 16 February 2000, Nathan Stratton wrote:
> Yes, but CMOS functions better at lower temps. In fact if you lower the
> temp to -12^ C you can 2X the clock of any CMOS chip. :-) Now -120^ C may
> be a little cold fo a datacenter, I think you will find that your hardware
> lasts longer at 65F then it does at 73F.

There tends to be more than one type of equipment in a computer room, and
finding the one point which makes them all happy can be interesting.  Some
equipment types are less functional at low temperatures, for example UPS
batteries, disk and tape drives.  As with most things in life, more is
not always better.

Find a moderate point close to the "optimal" point for most of your equipment.
Its what makes these religious battles so much fun, just how many angles can
dance on the head of a pin?  If you go below 58F or above 77F I would be
concerned.  Anywhere in between, and its just another one of those bar
conversations.  Next we can discuss how many footcandles of illumination
should be provided.