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On Fri, 11 February 2000, [email protected] wrote:
> Isn't Vesda simply a detection system vs. an extinguishing system?
> We use Vesda.

Yes.  Prevention, detection and response are all parts of a fire
protection program.  The relationship between them and what goes
in them are things people love to debate.  Vesda is a detection
system, which is often tied to an automatic suppression system in
datacenters.  It is possible to connect Vesda systems to other types
of response systems which don't require total flooding of the compartment.

Prevention and early detection aren't that controversial.  What is
the appropriate response brings out a lot of strong feelings.

If you have a $10million supercomputer doing mostly batch processing,
you may want to shut it down and flood the compartment anytime the
detection system sneezes.

If you have equipment supporting troops in battle, you may inhibit
some automatice responses to keep it running as long as possible.

What is the appropriate model for your datacenter?  It depends on things
external to the technical folks.  Just copying what everyone else is
doing may not be appropriate for your specific need.