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RE: DATACENTER: AC and colo sizing question.

"They've" been creating micro-environments in biolabs for a long time.  What
I'm suggesting is a rack design that would essentially isolate the operating
environment of the rack from the operating environment of the people.  This
environment would by definition be smaller than the room.  The alternative
of investing in a mechanical plant that will cool a 1.5 million _cubic_ foot
environment or one that will cool multiple micro environments that are
24"X30"X84" would be dramatic.  

Traditionally, the air flow of a data center is pushed out of the raised
floor plenum at 55 degrees.  It "exits" from the top of the rack at
approximately 75 degrees and then reenters the "Lieberts" to get re cooled.
If the air could be ducted out of the rack at a temperature of say 100
degrees and then pushed back into the Liebert at 100 degrees and cooled back
down, then the amount of air required would be significantly less expensive.
Imagine a rack that had horizontal airflow from front to back with the
discharge air being sucked out of the datacenter and put back into the
Lieberts via a ceiling plenum.  We'd still cool the data center to make it
useable but we'd be isolating the heat manufacturers and directly cooling

A next evolutionary step would be to connect the cabinets via monitoring
devices and directly monitor and control individual temperatures as
required.  Wouldn't this be useful?

Thanks again for everyone's input!

David Labuskes
[email protected]

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On 11 Feb 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Fri, 11 February 2000, Ken Woods wrote:
> > Nevermind the fact that the day of 400W/sq ft is right around the
> With people loading servers in racks, you almost need to think in
> terms of cubic feet.  Co-location spaces are growing vertically as
> well as horizontally.

People think I'm nuts when I say that somebody, soon, is going to hit 400.
However, when presented with the fact that the customer will PACK an 8
foot rack........it's seems a bit more plausable.
(still, if you step back and think about how much power that really is..)

> > (Anybody else figured out how to cool that load?)
> Send me a note if you do.

Oh, I have.
It's called child labor. You take a little kid, chain him beside the
rack, and tell him to blow really hard or you're going to beat him.

> > Building automation systems won't allow you do to this.............
> You're right, BMSes get very cranky dealing with the demands of
> mega-datacenters.  YOU WANT TO DO WHAT!?!

For what it's worth, ALC seems to be at least /willing/ to listen....
They think I'm nuts, but at least they'll listen.

Ken Woods
[email protected]