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We have put FM-200 systems for under floor coverage in a 15 - 20 thousand SF
facility and are presently discussing with a client the necessity of putting
FM-200 into a 35 000 SF facility (they presently have an 8000 SF facility
that has halon above and below the floor).

The need for FM-200 type protection should be based on the actual and
perceived risk seen by the client and any perceived benefit of minimizing
damage and downtime.

In a large facility the system should be zoned to limit the amount of gas
discharged (and associated costs).  This should be done without severely
limiting  flexibility and obstructing air flow.

Dennis R. Julian, P.E., RCDD

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And speaking of large facilites......

What's the largest facility that y'all have installed FM-200 in?
Don't name company names, just sizes.

Where's the point that you say "Hey, this facility is too big to have
FM200, use IFD/VESDA/etc"

As long as I'm asking.....does anybody know the multiplier to use to
figure out how much an FM200 system would cost, based on cubic feet?  
I've been using 1.70 - 1.85, but I want to make sure that's still valid.

Anybody bought any gas lately?  Is it still $21-23/lb???

Ken Woods
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