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Re: DATACENTER: AC and colo sizing question.

On Fri, 11 February 2000, Ken Woods wrote:
> Nevermind the fact that the day of 400W/sq ft is right around the corner.

With people loading servers in racks, you almost need to think in terms of
cubic feet.  Co-location spaces are growing vertically as well as horizontally.

> (Anybody else figured out how to cool that load?)

Send me a note if you do.

> Building automation systems won't allow you do to this.............

You're right, BMSes get very cranky dealing with the demands of
mega-datacenters.  YOU WANT TO DO WHAT!?!

> Well, something just occured to me. Are we talking about 150K+ sq ft
> datacenters", or are we talking about a 500 sq ft "room" that's got
> computers in it?

I thought "foo" was asking about a small computer room, so my answers were
based on that assumption.  A 150K sqft datacenter has a whole different set
of problems.  Do NOT use my ramblings if you are building one of those.