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RE: DATACENTER: AC and colo sizing question.

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, David Labuskes wrote:

> I've been working on an idea...
> My question is this.  Everything about data center environmental issues is
> centered around ambient temperature, etc.  I recognize that these should be
> 75 degrees, 55 humidity, etc.  But if you put your hand next to the air
> exhaust of a server or even just touch one...you know that they are hotter
> than 75 degrees.  

> My thoughts are to reduce the size of the "room" dramatically and create an

Size of the room should not effect the cooling required by much.

> environment of dust free rapidly moving air that will allow for the exchange
> of heat at a rapid pace.  To make it all work though, I need to know what
> the maximum operating temperature is for this equipment.  Not the "room"
> temperature.  But more realistically, the motherboard or circuit board
> operating limitations.

Well the cooler air will cool the hardware faster. Part of the problem is
that air is not a good conductor of heat. I.E. I am working on a
supercooler project to cool my PC to -120^ C. I have to dunk it in a
liquid to cool it fast enough because the air just does not conduct the
heat fast enough.

I am still not sure what you are trying to do, but I think you are going
to need to look at lower temps, not just more air flow. 
> I apologize if the question doesn't make sense.  Please feel free to reply
> privately or via the list.
> Thanks in advance for any and all information.
> David Labuskes, RCDD/LAN, CSI

Nathan Stratton
[email protected]