Mailing lists

Long ago (and prior to that offered mailing list services. This is an archive of some of those lists, as well as other lists of interest. Archives of private lists are not available.

I no longer offer mailing list services, there are tons of free options out there if you're looking for someone to host your list.


These archives are from mostly, but there are also archives from outside mailing list servers as well (in a separate section). Not all archives are complete, missing pieces are noted where possible.

Archives from
  • Datacenter Management list
  • Geek Humor list
  • Mob list
    Archives and mirrors kept here of lists hosted elsewhere:
  • 6bone
  • NANOG: North American Network Operators Group
  • Cypherpunks
  • IETF CAPPORT working group
  • AF-IX: African IXP Matters
  • ISOC Internet-history
  • ALE: Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
  • SAFNOG: The Southern African Network Operators Group | Robbie