Mailing lists provides mailing list services, as well as archives of mailing lists that run here now, or ran at in the past.

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Three different mailing list servers run here:
Mailman: Very popular, has become the standard list manager package.
Sympa: Popular in Europe, has similar feature sets to Mailman.
Majordomo 2: The classic mailing list manager, now with a web interface.
Additionally, Dada Mail is also available for announcement and other broadcast lists.

If you are looking to relocate your mailing list here from another server, one of the above packages should meet your needs. Most of the time, existing list configurations can be copied directly over to this server.

These are archives of some mailing lists, past and present, that run on and It's a work in progress.
Archives from
  • Datacenter Management list
  • Geek Humor list
  • Mob list

    Not all archives are complete- known gaps are noted.

    List archives from other servers mirrored or stored here